Wanhua Ecoboard Co.,Ltd.

Wanhua is dedicated to developing new products to benefit mankind. At present, Wanhua products are mainly applied to the fields of polyurethane products, environment-protection man-made panels and energy saving construction products, Wanhua masters the core production technology of these fields.

Energy Saving Construction Products
Environment-protection Man-made Plates

Polyurethane Products

Wanhua Chemical Co., Ltd , the biggest  listed company among the subsidiaries of Wanhua Industrial Group Co., Ltd., specializes in the R&D, production and sales of PU series products, like isocyanate and polyol, the series petrochemical products, like PO/AE; the functioning materials of water-based coatings and the specialty chemicals. As the most competitive MDI producer in the world and the biggest TDI supplier in Europe, Wanhua has 5 manufacturing bases all over the world and has set up more than ten subsidiaries or branches in Europe, Middle-east, America, Japan, Russia, India, etc. Now, taking the customers’ need as guidance ,innovation as core competitiveness, talents as first important resources, excellent operation as solid foundation, advanced corporate culture as powerful guarantee, we will persist in the concept of responsible care and sustainable development to make our company a world-class innovative company with deep pride in our people and to gain respect from the society.

Sustainable Ecoboard

Wanhua Ecoboard Co.,Ltd founded at end of 2006 was invested by 5 shareholders including Wanhua Industrial Group, Hongta Innovation Co., Ltd etc,  mainly engaged in crop straw ecological board, ecological adhesive research, and strawboard production equipments research and manufacturing which has made our company the largest straw board supplier worldwide. The main products ZeroE strawboard made of crop straw with non-toxic isocyanate (ie MDI) is becoming the most eco-friendly panels in China.

Unlike many others in construction, decoration and furniture, our panel dose don’t distillate harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. This is the material of future: truly sustainable,healthy and non-polluting.

Wanhua Ecoboard Co.,Ltd consists of six branch companies: Beijing Wanhua Ecoboard R&D center, Wanhua Ecoboard(Jingzhou) Co.,Ltd, Wanhua Ecoboard(Xinyang) Co.,Ltd, Wanhua  Ecoboard(Qixia)Co.,Ltd, Wanhua Ecoboard(Chongqing) Co., Ltd and WanHua Woodworking machinery(Xinyang)Co.,Ltd. We have a complete set of facilities and excellent staff for the research, development and manufacturing of straw board products, devices and adhesives. Besides, our company is also the first high-tech company specialized in production, tech-introduction and research of straw board industry which truly achieved the integration of multi-industry chain from the production of eco-friendly adhesive, straw board making equipment to the manufacturing of straw board.

Wanhua Ecoboard Co.,Ltd has the most advanced straw board production line in our country with a capacity of 200,000 cubic meters/year both existing and under construction. We plan to set up 10-15 straw-board production lines throughout the whole country to expand our capacity to 1,000,000cubic meters/year in three years’ time. The expansion will help us to enlarge our annual turnover to 2.2 billion yuan.

Building energy - Saving products

Wanhua EnergySav Products Ltd., is a company specializing in the production, research and development and sales of polyurethane building energy-saving products. It relies on its own advanced polyurethane foam technology and works with the Ministry of Construction Housing and urban and rural construction), China Academy of Building Research, domestic and foreign construction experts in the field, to provide you with a complete building energy-saving insulation solutions.


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