Wanhua Ecoboard can be made of rice straw, wheat straw, reed, fruit tree branches, bamboo and other year-round agricultural and forestry residues as the main raw materials. It can be described as extracting the essence of nature to create a green and healthy home.

Product characteristics:

Different from the physical bonding method of urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive in traditional wood-based panels, Wanhua polyurethane ecological adhesive polymerizes with straw fiber and is bonded into panels by polymer.
When polyurethane ecological adhesive is mixed with raw material fiber, triple reaction will occur to completely change the molecular structure of the board.
Surface film formation: react with the moisture on the surface of straw fiber to form a dense protective film.
Fibrous osteogenesis: react with the water inside the straw fiber to form a solidified layer and support the plate body.
Hydroxyl reinforcement: the reaction with the hydroxyl group in the cellulose molecule further forms a thermosetting gelled network structure.
This polymer polymerization method makes the internal meridians of the plate deep and dense, so as to improve the performance of the plate. According to the testing of national institutions, all physical and chemical indexes of Wanhua Hexiang board meet or exceed the national standards.


The molecular structure of the product from the reaction of polyurethane and raw material fiber is stable, so the physical and chemical properties of Wanhua Hexiang board are stable, and it has passed the national A-313 weathering test.
-No decomposition or other reaction will occur at the temperature of 50 ° C to 100 ° C


Straw fiber contains a large amount of silica (wax layer), which is a natural waterproof material. The polyurethane reacts with the water and hydrophilic group hydroxyl in the straw during the board making process,
The hydrophilic group is consumed and shielded to form polymer compound with strong water resistance. Therefore, the water absorption expansion rate of Wanhua Hexiang board in 2 hours is only 3%, which is superior to the national standard of wood particleboard

Zero-formaldehyde adhesive P-MDI

The natural waxy surface of straw and its high ash content mean that traditional urea-formaldehyde resin adhesiveness not as effective as formaldehyde-free Isocyanate (P -MDI) adhesives. Wanhua Ecoboard adhesive comes from the world's leading MDI supplier Wanhua Chemical.

When MDI gets mixed with straw fibers, three chemical reactions would occur and totally change the molecular structure of the board. MDI

By the way that polymers polymerizing with each other, we realize the improvement of Ecoboard property. According to the state authority confirming detection, physical and chemical indicators of Wanhua Ecoboard have all reached or exceeded national standard.

Automated German engineering facilities

Using German Dieffenbacher technology and engineering, Wanhua production line is fully automated and maintains 24-hour continuous operation.Unique


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